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Published July 11, 2018 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in



(Included with online donation) Acts 26:25 says, But Paul replied, I am not insane, most excellent Festus. I speak words of sober truth.” I believe that this is the way the world sees us as standers and even our families BUT we continue to speak and believe words of sober truth.



CA: (Referring to monthly Thank You donation letter) Very interesting, Carolyn. Thanks so much. I am so blessed by the things you share. I surely am praying for the conference. I just know it will be successful as every time I have been there I am always uplifted and  motivated thru every message. Looking forward to seeing you and Rex and all the rest.

MN: (Referring to CKI Mini-book: Is God Working?”) Absolutely great article! Very encouraging for us longer standers. God bless you, CKI staff!

(Sent in by a long time stander in recognition and to honor her husband on their anniversary) Today I wake thinking of what my husband and I were doing 42 years ago when we married. We both brought hidden issues into our marriage, things we did not know how to process. After four years and two children, he had had enough and left. I felt so broken and as if everything was my fault. The Lord used this time to first of all bring me to a saving faith in Him, then showed me about standing for our marriage and His working in my heart (which He continues to graciously do). There were years we had little or no communication. And since my husband moved states away he had no relationship with our daughters either, greatly affecting them emotionally. He tried several other marriages, but has not found what he was looking for in any of them. Over the years the Lord has drawn him into relationship with Himself and now my husband and I both have a love for the Lord we would not have known except through walking through these difficulties. We are not back together (yet). But it gives me hope when I know what the Lord is doing in my own heart. I feel like He has me on a short leash, showing me when I have a sinful heart attitude and working in me to complete what He began, as He is doing in my husband. One year ago my husband expressed in an email to our oldest daughter how he lives with the “pain every day of how he left our family.” The words I pray over him and for him are, “Dear husband, the Lord will restore the years the locusts have eaten.” Even though he will not see these words, “Happy Anniversary my beloved. The Lord has held your place here as husband, father, and grandfather. May your chains be broken and you be set free to do what the Lord has called you to.”

NC: (Referring to Courage and Patience in Suffering” by Carolyn Johnson) This is an outstanding article and great encouragement to continue “fighting the good fight of faith.” We overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the WORD OF OUR TESTIMONY! Thank you for this!

Dear Carolyn: Thank you and Rex and all your CKI staff for the love you pour out on those of us who are standers. There is continued prayer for restoration of marriages and that those married will be ones to love the Lord so divorce can never be a problem. God’s love is abundant and He wants joy and happiness to overflow in marriages (that HE created!). When we are following His Word we will know the truth that sets us all free. I bless you for the work you are doing and your faithfulness to each of us. May you be blessed by the Lord. I will be praying for the annual CKI conference to change lives and be a huge success.

TN: Thank you, Rex and Carolyn, and your faithful witness to God’s power in healing Covenant marriages. You are most gracious leaders to the Lord’s CK organization and to all of us. May we all continue to stand for God’s word and His will for marriages. I am glad that my church is beginning to put more emphasis on marriage and healing. I pray that any part I have will be valuable as God leads. I am not in a leadership role, but do pray for the healing and salvation of our families. That is a great burden on my heart. The Lord ingrained deep in my soul the call to stand for my spouse no matter what the outcome. He is still calling me to live by faith, and I am so awed that He is not done yet. Based on God’s word and His call, I’m still seeking more wisdom and insight into the lives of the men and women who leave and those left behind, that I may better encourage those who God sends my way on a day to day basis. Thank you again for your kind words and your love.