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Published March 28, 2019 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in


(Referring to the article, “Have a Steadfast Mind on God’s Word”) At our CKI meeting today, we were rejoicing over this amazing article and praying over the truth it shared. God is so faithful!

(Referring to, “Covenant Keeping 201—The Problem with Our Tongue” by Carolyn Johnson) Thanks, Carolyn, for your great article. Another good resource I like is a book simply entitled, The Tongue: A Creative Force by Charles Caps. Thank you so much for all you do for covenant keepers. God Bless You!


AZ: (Referring to, “Have a Steadfast Mind on God’s Word” article) What a testimony of God’s faithfulness in honoring His Word. He loves our prodigal spouses so much. He blesses us when we are faithful in the face of unfaithfulness and when we humble ourselves to wait for His perfect timing and give Him all the glory. It is always worth the wait! Praying for you and waiting in expectation. Many blessings!

IL: (Included with online donation) God bless you all at CKI! May His Face to shine upon you!

NC: (Referring to, “Have a Steadfast Mind on God’s Word” article) Praise God that we can have faith that works in us all, whether you see it or not. He pursues us all the time by sending others to intercede on His behalf. Prodigals are greatly pursued by God—so much so, that He sent His one and only Son. God is waiting to put a signet ring on your husband’s hand and welcome him home. Praise the Lord and thank you for sharing.

(Referring to, “Covenant Keeping 201—The Problem with Our Tongue” by Carolyn Johnson) This one is worth printing and reading over and over. Thanks so much for sending it! Carolyn, what a blessing you are!

Luke 1:38  Miriam said, “Behold, the servant of Adonai. Let it be done to me according to your word. And the angel left her.” When we submit and accept God’s Word in our lives, we become fertile ground for miracles to happen.

(Referring to, “Have a Steadfast Mind on God’s Word” article) Wow! This is an amazing testimony. I am so encouraged. Thank you for your patience in waiting for God to move in your husband’s heart, for putting yourself aside, and for heeding the advice of the Holy Spirit.  You are an amazing woman and I am proud to call you my friend.

NY: (Referring to, “Have a Steadfast Mind on God’s Word” article) This testimony is amazing. Thank you for sharing.

OR: (Referring to, “Look What God Is Doing postings on website/email)  We are so encouraged to hear these praise reports! Thank you for faithfully getting them out to us!

(Referring to, “Hope Part 1” by Marilyn Conrad) I just re-read Marilyn’s CKI web post on “Hope.” In my CKI online group, we are in the Faith & Hope section of Curriculum Book One, supported beautifully by my Tuesday Bible study, where we are reading Charles Capps booklet, “The Thermostat of Hope.” Someone thinks I need this triple-whammy teaching.  I agree, I do!

TX: (Referring to, “Hope Part 1” by Marilyn Conrad) Thank you for this article. It paints a black and white picture, a picture that is both hopeful and faith-filled or bitter and upset. I think the reality is that we all have experienced both and, yes, only by the power of Jesus, can we strive to be the person who walks in hope and faith.

In reference to affecting our children’s futures,  the statement, “In standing, provide a strong heritage for the children and future generations and let My glory come forth powerfully,” I can share that my kids were so upset that I would stand for the broken marriage to their father. I now understand that I need to do it in secret.