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Published April 11, 2019 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in



Hi! I am so encouraged by your ministry and emails. I am hoping to join the UK Zoom group but, as yet, have been busy on Saturdays. Because I live in Dublin, Ireland, the Thursday times to call an Intercessor for prayer is 2 AM – 4 AM. I would almost set my alarm, but I’m at home on my own with three kids at the moment and need my sleep. I did have a wonderful chat a few weeks ago with a CKI staff member. She prayed powerfully for me.



FL: (Referring to the email about the Northwest (WA) and Southeast (FL) Spring retreats and the summer conference in Charlotte, NC) We bless Covenant Keeper’s continuing efforts to restore marriages. There is an enemy of our souls who has been defeated. The war has been won; we must maintain the victory given to us by Jesus! As we meet, we demonstrate our agreement with and our love for God.

OR: (Referring to “Enduring” article by Duke Rohe) This article so touched my heart! I happened onto it at the end of Valentine’s Day. It had been a long and somewhat challenging day, so finding those words made everything calm. My Lord loves me and that’s all that matters!

PA: (An email to CKI Intercessors thanking them for their prayer support when CK gave her testimony about standing for her marriage) Just to let you know I’m a survivor! Ha, ha…yes it was a little hard giving my testimony, but I really was not too nervous. Afterwards I received a lot of hugs and affirmations. A man who does not regularly attend our church came up to me with tears in his eyes saying that he and his wife (who is his “ex” but he doesn’t call her “ex”) have talked recently and she told him she’s really sorry for the way she treated him. It sounded like there is something starting between them. I was able to really encourage him. I thank you all so much for your prayers and support.


Emails and FB postings upon announcement of Rex and Carolyn Johnson “passing the baton” to the new CKI Directors, Koji & Deana Bell





Hi, Koji and Deana, I just read the news from Charlotte. WOW! Awesome! I pray an increased measure of blessings from above as you step into this role. (On behalf of the CKs of New Zealand, Treasurer and Trustee, CKNZ Trust.)






Dear Rex & Carolyn, I was excited to read about the changes that are taking place within the leadership of CKI. It is wonderful that God has brought others along to take the baton and release you both to a new season. I’m very thankful for the two of you! You have given yourselves wholeheartedly to CKI and to seeing marriages restored. We have been blessed by your ministry – especially when you came to the UK in 2016. That was a special time! I trust that you will know you are appreciated and valued. We will be praying for you, for the transition, and for the new season God has planned for you.

Please also send my warm welcome to Koji & Deana. I remember hearing their testimony live during an online UK meeting. I look forward to getting to know them as they take on leadership. We shall be praying for them, too. Blessings from the UK.




CA: Welcome, Koji and Deana Bell! Blessings to you! Group Leader

CO: Beyond excited for you both! May you continue to be richly blessed for your faithfulness. Hopefully, this will still bring you to Denver this year.

CT: Wonderful news! CKI Intercessor, NE Regional Director

GA: Hooray! I’m so happy for the ministry. I’m so happy for you, Rex and Carolyn, and, I am so happy for the Bells. What a blessing! Can’t thank you enough, Rex and Carolyn, for all that you have done for this ministry. You mean the world to me. I’m glad you’re able to pass the baton at this time to such a fine couple. God bless. Co-Director of Intercession and Group Leader

LA: Dear Rex, Carolyn, Koji, Deana, & the CK Team, Praise God for His provision! Thank you all for your wonderful leadership and support. Group Leader

MN: Dear Rex and Carolyn, It has been a real privilege to have been in prayer for this ministry transition. Marilyn Pennington and I have prayed about this regularly over the past couple years, in the past few months, and, recently, the Lord laid it on our hearts to lift it up weekly. What a God we serve! I want to express my love and appreciation to you both for all your service in these past years, both physical and spiritual. Well done, faithful servants! Marilyn and I and the Regional Intercessors will continue to keep this transition before the Lord as He directs you and the Bells in this process. God bless, Co-Director of Intercession

NC: So exciting for everyone involved! Can’t wait to see how God uses you for His glory!

OH: Can’t think of a better couple!

PA: Wow, so awesome! God is absolutely amazing. Congratulations!

Wonderful news! We are blessed as we have been all along with such dedicated leadership.

TN: This is wonderful! It is interesting that Koji and Deana have been on my mind as directors for a while. I have loved Rex and Carolyn and the wonderful work they’ve done. I know that the Bells will be wonderful directors as well and will be examples of marriage covenant to the younger generation. Congratulations!

WA: Wonderful! It’s so good to see another restored couple jump in to help others. I hope we will still hear a lot from Rex and Carolyn but deserve a rest. The Bell’s testimony will impact the younger generation! God bless everyone!