Covenant Moments and We Get Mail

Published May 10, 2017 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in

Covenant Moments

United Kingdom

CK’s husband called CK to wish her a “Happy Birthday.” This is huge in that there is very little communication and in the past her husband did not remember birthdays.



CA: CK praises God for restored marriages. She is thankful for the CKI staff and all that they do for CKs around the world.

CT: CK reported that she and her spouse have had a breakthrough. The last time she saw him he was not negative toward her, he hugged her daughter Kelly and grandson Danny and squeezed CK’s hand. It is unusual for him to even acknowledge her when the non-covenant is present.

GA: CK shared with his group that he and his bride have become good friends. She lives a couple of hours away so when she comes to visit, she stays for awhile. He helped her get her car fixed and said that, after all, she was there for me when I was so sick for 18 years. He said he was very grateful to Covenant Keepers. They were there for him and he was able to get rid of bitterness and unforgiveness. He is glad that he and his bride can be happily together around their children and grandchildren. It’s a true blessing for everyone. His group is so excited for him. His peace is evident to all of them. They realize they are each blessed to be a blessing.

OK: CK was glad to have the opportunity to speak with her husband. They were able to discuss matters relating to their son and some difficulties he was having.

CK had a wonderful surprise visit with her husband. He brought their dog along with him and they spent over an hour talking about good things.

CK had a great call from her husband. They talked a lot about their children and grandchildren.

WA: CK was greatly encouraged to have been extended an invitation to enjoy dinner out with her husband and son.


We Get Mail


(Sent in with electronic donation) Proverbs 11:25 The person who blesses others will prosper; he who satisfies others will be satisfied himself.


CA: (Referring to the message in the monthly “Thank You” donation letter) Dear Rex and Carolyn, Thank you for your acknowledgment. It gives me great pleasure to support this ministry. You are doing such a fine job in your leadership and I pray that the Lord continues to give you both His strength and health and anointing upon your lives. I am praying and believing God for His miracles of restoration for all who are seeking Him for their marriage. I look forward to all the encouraging topics you send and I pass them on as well. Thank you again for all you are doing in this ministry. You are a blessing. Love to you, Rex & Carolyn, and to Geri, Muffin and Sarah for all your dedicated work.

TX: (Referring to the Power of the Tongue, Pt 1) Nice. The mouth is very telling.

(Referring to Judging and the Runaway Believer) Thank you for your message. This is the first time I’ve opened your e-mails. Luke 6:36-37 is just what I needed.

OR: That was such an uplift! Thanks! (Referring to the Easter CKI email) “Don’t believe things can change? Just look at Palm Sunday – to Good Friday – to Resurrection Sunday! ALWAYS BELIEVE, ALWAYS KEEP HOPING – THINGS CAN CHANGE!”