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(In response to Nancy Conlan’s, “Make God First” article) How beautifully and powerfully stated Nancy! What divine truth and wisdom the Lord has imparted to you; and shared in a way that is sure to inspire and impact others. Stay strong in the One who is the ‘lover of your soul’ as He prevails for you, your marriage, and your family! Oh, the goodness of God – His ways are past finding out! Blessings, A CK united with you.


(Included with the donor’s electronic offering) The voice of rejoicing and salvation is in the tents of the righteous (Ps 118:15). It’s an honor and a blessing to give to this Restoration Ministry. I enjoy giving!

(Included with the donor’s electronic offering) When she speaks, her words are wise, and she gives instructions with kindness (Proverbs 31:26). I’m thankful to this awesome ministry with awesome people. It’s because of your wisdom and experiences, I gave myself to God to change ME first. Love you all. You are my family. It’s an honor to give to this ministry.


WA: (Referring to “Make God First” article by Nancy Conlan) Hi there. After years of standing, “Make God First” spoke to me like no other. So incredibly inspiring! Thank you, thank you, Nancy Conlan.


Covenant Moments from Around the World


CK thanks the Lord for blessing his recent trip to see his wife. The trip went relatively well. He was able to spend quality time with the kids, and help out by sorting through a fair bit of stuff from a storage room. He was able to bless her financially as well by buying some of what she needed to organize the storage room. When sorting through books, she not only gave him any and all books related to marriage, but also any books on finding God’s will, the fruit of the Spirit, living a Spirit-filled life and spiritual warfare. She then thanked him for coming.


GA: CK’s spouse arrived at his house today. She will be traveling with him and their daughter and granddaughter to Nashville to be with other family members celebrating their grandson turning 13 and they will be celebrating his coming of age. He is looking to the Lord to bless that family time together.

“During the usual CKI meeting time, as God would have it, my spouse and I were texting back and forth for hours and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity. What a blessing. I am thanking God for continued communication.”

CK was encouraged and delighted to have spent an hour with her husband last week. He showed her pictures of his most recent trip to Ecuador.

CK’s spouse just let her know he is coming to visit a day early. He says he has some news for them. He says he’s missed them all very much.

IN: CK was happy to hear his wife’s offer to stop at the house and help him landscape.

CK’s heart is encouraged that his spouse keeps telling him that she loves working together on things with him.

CK was encouraged and enjoyed the recent opportunity to speak with his wife when she came over to his car and talked with him for 45 minutes.

MN: CK reported that her spouse texted her to ask about her brother-in-law and he said that he knew she would be good at helping her sister.