With God All Things Are Possible

Published June 13, 2019 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in

How is it possible that the same woman who stonewalled me for over four years in favor of another could tell me yesterday that she misses me on the days we don’t see each other?

How is it possible that the woman who completely ignored my communications for years now reaches out to me first thing every morning?

How is it possible that the outdoor chair behind my business that used to be my private crying chair has now become my public rejoicing chair as I marvel at what God is doing?

How is it possible that my discomfort around my wife’s extra-marital child could be transformed into joy and delight every time I see and care for this precious gift?

How is it possible that a nine-month-old child with absentee father could utter as her first syllable “da-da” as she looked at me?

How is it possible that my beloved prodigal’s heart is being turned toward home because a child conceived in the far country delights every time she sees me?

“With man this is impossible, BUT with GOD all things are possible!” (Matthew 10:26)

Standing Amazed in His Presence….