“Would you hang on a cross to save a soul? Jesus did! PAID IN FULL”

Published July 9, 2018 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in

Isn’t this cross with its message amazing? Take a minute to think about it.

Let me tell you my neighbor’s story behind this cross that he erected as I watched from across the road. When I took the first pictures and sent them to my kids, I said I feel like having “church” right there at the foot of the cross. My daughter replied that that would be great!

My neighbor had shared with me that nine years ago he was not saved and was, in fact, living with a woman after being married two times before this relationship (They have since gotten married.). They went to Nashville for a vacation. When they woke up on Sunday morning, he surprised his wife with the announcement that they were going to go to a church service that morning. They went walking a few blocks past Opryland and he saw a storefront church named Cowboys’ Church. Again his wife was surprised that he wanted to go in there. The service had started and as they sat there, he was overcome with emotion and tears to the point where he couldn’t get up. People then gathered around him and prayed for him. And so he came home a changed man. He and his wife started attending a Bible preaching church with some friends of theirs.

He told me that earlier this month he had a dream that he tried to ignore but it kept returning. The dream was that he should make this cross with this message and stand it on the road-front property of his farm. It is next to a stand-hut where he sells hay, straw and dried corn (for the deer). Many people do stop by and put their money in the box. He gets to talk (he loves to talk!) to customers when he is out there. One lady said that the cross looked gruesome. He told her, “Yes, it does. Think about how gruesome it was for Jesus.” She didn’t say another word after that. He feels this Easter season is a good time to display it. Another man who is crippled stopped to buy corn and his eyes welled up with tears when he saw the cross and read the sign. But most people don’t make any comment.

I told him that was God speaking to him in those dreams. I said that he was not to worry about people who don’t say anything. You just know they are going to be thinking. I told him I really liked it and that I had shown the picture to my kids, friends and my pastor who all were very impressed. He then invited me to his church, emphasizing how important it is to go where you hear the real Word of God, not a watered down sermon that is supposed to please people’s ears. “Those churches have problems!” he said. I told him thank-you but that I am happy with the Bible-based sermons my pastor preaches.

I am blessed to know his testimony now. I have a saved Christian neighbor! I pray this witness in my neighborhood will cause many to consider what Jesus did for them when He hung on the cross to save souls. I give glory to the Lord and live knowing His love, joy and peace.